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Loft in downtown New York City Aoft living is a way of life... a type of space that is unique to the New York City area. Loft living is the quintessential Manhattan experience. While each loft is unique, they all have one thing in common: Space. In a city full of cramped and tiny apartments, walking into one of our amazing lofts is an experience both exhilarating and calming.

Other than having space with "room to roar" our lofts often have higher than average ceilings, light streaming in from over-sized windows and a private washer/dryer. Lofts living offers serenity, character and history, inherent in each loft property.

Generally, yes. Using licensed workers and with the Landlords permission, pressure walls are allowed.
A property holding a Certificate of Occupancy (CofO), allowing for both residential and commercial use. Usually the amount of
"traffic flow" (customers and/or employees coming and going) is determined by the landlord.
Two people sharing? Fine. More? Generally no. Families are welcome.
Unlike most Manhattan apartments, many loft owners do allow pet... even large dogs.
You'll be in terrific company! A virtual "who's who" of the best and brightest. Our loft buildings are solidly constructed, so you'll never hear your neighbors and rarely see them. This allows for great privacy, so don't be surprised when you recognize someone famous, also taking out the trash.
Generally speaking, neighborhood plays the largest role. The seaport, financial district, lower east side, far west and in the 30's & 40's are all the neighborhoods to search for the best deals. Busier streets such as Chambers, Canal, 14th & 23rd are usually less expensive as well.
A two year lease to start is the norm today. Our lofts are all in rental buildings... many satisfied clients have lived in our properties for years... two years-at-a-time.
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